Endless Pies

Pie @ Black Hound New York on Flickr.

Pies and Tarts. There is no reason to choose. A different one for nearly every day of the week!

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Poppyseed Raspberry Lemon Cake

ImageWe at Black Hound New York love our Poppy Seed Raspberry Lemon Cake. It has been on our menu since we started nearly 25 years ago and was our first non-chocolate cake. Our original recipe hasn’t changed over the years. The cake layers still contain an abundance of poppy seeds and 100% butter. We still make the lemon curd filling from scratch from freshly squeezed lemons, lemon zest, eggs, butter, and sugar. The raspberry preserves continue to be sweetened only with cane sugar. And the buttercream finish is still made from 100% butter.

A perfect brunch time cake since it’s not too sweet and not too heavy, our Poppy Seed Raspberry Lemon Cake is also ideal when a cake craving hits during the summer heat. The harmony from the crunch of the poppy seeds, the refreshing explosion of lemon curd, and the subtle sweetness of the raspberry preserves will excite your taste buds and satisfy your craving. Whether you eat this treat bite by bite, enjoying the delicious blend of flavors together or prefer to pick it apart, savoring each layer individually and letting each flavor shine on its own, you are likely to find a new Black Hound New York favorite.

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Bittersweet Truffles @ Black Hound New York on Flickr.

Delicious, melt-in-your-mouth truffles good for a gathering with friend or alone to relax. They will make your day when it didn’t even need help.

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All in a Row

Cakes @ Black Hound New York on Flickr.

Picture sent to us by customer
“Pressing my nose (iPhone lens) against the storefront wishing for a Black Hound Cake, while all of NYC rushes by behind me”

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Sum Sum Summer Time


Summer requires just a little prep work. After calculating your time off and planning vacation, your next step should be picking out your Black Hound New York treats. Don’t be surprised how far a little sweet treat can go. Bring cookies on the beach in Miami; chocolate truffles in a park near the Rockies; cakes and pastries poolside at your barbeque. Enjoy a classic summer brunch; pop champagne for mimosas and treat yourself and your friends to a delicious Almond Apricot Cake from Black Hound New York. Or be the life of the party, whether you are the hostess or the guest, nothing gets someone in the summer spirit like a gift basket or cookie collection.

Have your treats sent to your home so you can enjoy them on your road trip, or send them to your vacation destination. Wherever you may be in the Continental US, we can ship your treats to you.

And we take extra care when packing your treats in the summer heat to ensure they are just right when they get to you.

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Carrot Cake

When was the last time you had Carrot Cake? After a bite of ours you might realize the answer is “Never.”

From first bite you will be asking your mother if carrot cake counts towards your vegetables for the day. Freshly shaved carrots, walnuts, and plump raisins have a fluffy crunch baked into three cake layers. Smooth cream cheese icing, like you have never had before, between the layers and coat the whole treat. With a final touch of crushed walnuts dusting the outer walls you will wonder why those other desserts are called carrot cake. (via Foodspotting)

Carrot Cake @ Black Hound New York on Flickr.

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Hazelnut Clusters

Hazelnut Clusters on Flickr.

A divine marriage of chocolate and hazelnuts…
Roasted whole hazelnuts drenched in bittersweet Belgian chocolate. It’s a game between your mind, mouth, eyes, and hands. Grab for bigger pieces? Smaller pieces so you have more later? Pieces with the most chocolate, or biggest nuts? No matter the outcome, you are still definitely the winner!

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Simple pleasures in life get you through a long day. But Chocolate Covered Strawberries are good for long, short, hard, simple, fun, sour, boring, exciting … days! Just be sure you get enough!

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4th of July Strawberries and Cream

Strawberries and Cream? Our cake requested a new dress for the holiday and we couldn’t help but say YES! Red and Blue polka dots feels so appropriate for the 4th of July! Tell her you love her new dress.

Still the same delicious cake.Three layers of vanilla cake filled with vanilla pastry cream, whipped cream and fresh strawberries, finished with white chocolate buttercream and vanilla cake crumbs around the sides, and decorated on top with pink marzipan flowers.

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Lotsaberry Tart

Picture from customerThis love affair begins with fresh blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. You pop one berry at a time before discovering our velvety pastry cream beneath. To top … or rather bottom … it off, our Lotsaberry Tart sits in our unique cookie dough crust.

It is one of those “perfect for all occasions” treats. For brunch, an afternoon snack or a late night dessert, our Lotsaberry Tart is ideal for the summer; the refreshing fruit and smooth pastry cream keep you cool and complement any summer beverage.

We don’t recommend sharing an individually sized Lotsaberry Tarts with friends, to each his (or her) own tart. Sharing is a nice gesture, but it won’t work. We’ve tried it!

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