Halloween Busy Bee

Let the countdown begin. Halloween is 5 days away! You’ve picked your costume, but have you decided what to serve at your spooktacular party? How about our signature Busy Bee Cake with a special Halloween twist!

If you have never tried our popular Busy Bee Cake, you have been missing out on a wonderful balance of rich bittersweet chocolate and marzipan. Three layers of chocolate butter cake, two layers of almond butter cake, two layers of bittersweet chocolate mousse, and one layer of marzipan…all covered in marzipan.

To make it an amazing addition to your Halloween party, we tinted white ganache ORANGE, added toasted chocolate cake crumbs and decorated with a chocolate spiderweb and marzipan and chocolate spiders.

You will have a delicious and tricked-out treat for everyone to enjoy!

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Vote now! Vote often!

Red Tricycle’s mission is to “help parents have more fun with their kids.” They offer ideas and suggestions
of things to do and places to go in your local neighborhood for everyday of the week. Currently they are taking
votes for their 2012 Totally Awesome Awards!

Black Hound New York has been selected as a finalist in NY’s in the Most Awesome Sweetest Sweets Shop
category in the 2012 Red Tricycle’s Totally Awesome Awards. Moms and dads cast over 15,000 nominations
during a two-week period, and they thought we were Totally Awesome!

The voting period runs now through November 30, and the business with
the most votes in each category will be selected as the winner (Most Awesome!).

“Please vote for me in the 2012 Red Tricycle’s Totally Awesome Awards”

Click the shield to vote

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Pumpkin with a Twist

What’s Fall without pumpkin? At Black Hound New York, we’re baking some delicious alternatives to the traditional pumpkin pie. Enjoy one of our unique spins on this classic seasonal flavor…and start a new pumpkin tradition this year.

Pumpkin Ginger Cake

We love the balance between spicy gingerbread cake and delicate pumpkin mousse in our Pumpkin Ginger Cake. It’s a light and luscious way to enjoy one of Fall’s quintessential flavors.





Autumn Sampler #5

Enjoy a taste of Pumpkin Cheesecake Cheesecake and Pumpkin Ginger Cake in Autumn Cake Sampler #5. Most of our other Autumn Cake Samplers include at least one pumpkin dessert in addition to other seasonal flavors.



Pumpkin Cheesecake

Our New York store customers eagerly anticipate our Pumpkin Cheesecake each fall. This cheesecake is not your typical New York-style cheesecake. Mascarpone cheese is our secret ingredient, giving this seasonal favorite a lighter taste than a traditional New York-style cheesecake.

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Guess who’s back!?

You told us you missed it.

You told us Fall isn’t the same without it.

Back by popular demand…


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Just because they are away at school doesn’t mean they aren’t still close to your heart, and don’t let anyone tell you sending cards and treats is only for holidays and birthdays. At Black Hound New York, we understand the importance of a great present whether for a special occasion or just because they are special to you.

So why not send a delicious cake or other treats because
… it’s Tuesday, and you know there is a group project due Friday.
… Greek Rush is over, and they received a bid from the #1 house of choice.
… Or simply, you miss them.

We’ve been sending cakes and other treats to students at colleges and private schools across the country for nearly 20 years and have learned a few lessons along the way. The following are tips for ensuring your gifts are delivered in a timely manner.

1. Each school has a special way to address packages sent through UPS (or FedEx). This is usually different from how letters or packages are sent through the postal service are addressed.

Contact the school’s mail services department and tell them you’re shipping a perishable package via UPS to a student. They can provide you with the correct way to address the package.

2. Each school has its own protocol for receiving and delivering UPS packages to students.

At most schools, UPS packages are delivered to a central mailroom or a mailroom within a large dormitory. The school then notifies the student via email or a note in his/her mailbox that there is a package for pickup. Schools rarely allow UPS to deliver directly to the student. The school’s mail services department can explain their specific delivery procedure to you.

3. Let your student know to expect a package on a specific date.

Parents often tell us they want to surprise the student. We strongly recommend spoiling the surprise since college students don’t always make a daily trip to the mailroom due to their busy schedules. Tell your student a perishable package is coming on a specific date and must be picked up that day. Although we place a perishable label on the shipping carton, mailrooms will not refrigerate a package or contact the student if the package is still waiting for pickup days later.

If you are still determined to keep your package a surprise, ship it to someone you have told and trust to pick up the package for your student (i.e. RA, friend, roommate).

4. Avoid Saturday UPS delivery whenever possible.

With a little bit of planning, this is easy. You’ll save money since Saturday UPS delivery is more expensive than weekday delivery. You’ll also avoid a possible headache since many mailrooms are closed or have limited hours on Saturdays. Before ordering, ask the mail services department about their Saturday hours and if they receive UPS deliveries on Saturdays. If the mailroom is closed when UPS tries to deliver on a Saturday, they will not attempt redelivery until Monday.

5. Monday birthdays usually require some flexibility.

We (and most other companies which ship) won’t send cakes for Monday UPS delivery since your package would sit in a UPS facility over the weekend. If your student has a Monday birthday, you must unfortunately send your birthday cake for arrival before or after the birthday. If you can’t bear that idea and absolutely, positively must have your birthday cake delivery on a Monday, your only option is to find a local bakery near the student’s school. If your student attends school in NYC, we can deliver on Mondays. See #7.

6. Check your UPS tracking.

When you send a cake or other gift from Black Hound New York, you’ll receive a tracking number from UPS. Check your tracking number periodically on Based on our years of shipping experience, UPS does not call the recipient in they are unable to deliver the package on the first attempt due to an incorrect address or other issue. You should contact us immediately if you see any delivery issue. We’ll then follow up with UPS. Due to our shipping volume, we have access to a special customer service team who can resolve the issue more quickly than if you call UPS directly.

7. Contact us before ordering online if your student is at NYU, Columbia, or other NYC-based colleges.

We have additional delivery, flavor, size, and decorating options if your student attends college in NYC. Since we’re located in NYC and frequently deliver to many of the colleges here, we can help you determine the best option given your student’s address and schedule. Contact us at 800.344.4417, live chat on our website, or for help.

We know you want as many ways to send love, hugs, and inspiration to your students away at school. Let Black Hound New York help you send your “We love you”, “We miss you”, “Good luck”, and of course “Happy Birthday” cakes and other treats.

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Sweets for your sweet New Year

As you gather with family and friends in the next few weeks,
let Black Hound New York help you celebrate the start of a sweet new year.

A beloved dessert for many Jewish holidays, don’t forget cheesecake for your Rosh Hashanah table. Celebrate the beginning of a sweet new year with refreshing Key Lime Cheesecake or a more traditional Chocolate Cheesecake.

Honey traditionally symbolizes the wish for a sweet new year. For a twist on tradition, add our Walnut Banana Cake to your Rosh Hashanah table. A subtle honey-and-milk chocolate ganache complements walnut cake, fresh bananas, pastry cream and whipped cream. Surprisingly light, it’s also a delicious option for your Yom Kippur break-the-fast.


It’s no secret that Poppyseed Raspberry Lemon Cake is one of our favorites. Since it’s not too sweet and not too heavy, it’s an ideal choice for a break-the-fast dessert on Yom Kippur.

Little bees in search of honey for a sweet new year top our signature Busy Bee Cake. Layers of chocolate cake, almond cake, bittersweet chocolate mousse and marzipan make a rich chocolate dessert for your holiday dessert table.

All desserts contain dairy and are not kosher.

Rosh Hashanah starts the night of Sunday, September 16

Yom Kippur starts the night of Tuesday, September 25



It’s that time again…even if you entered previous drawings, you must enter this month to be eligible for September’s drawing. Winner chooses one 10″ cake from our menu for delivery during his/her birthday month. Our August winner will be announced next week.

Connect with us:

Live Chat
M-F, 9am to 5pm EST

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Cafe Latte Cup

Cafe Latte Cup @ Black Hound New York on Flickr.

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Blueberry Pie


Some people dream of sheep, we dream of sweets and treats. Our summer dreams always find their way back to Blueberry Pie.

At Black Hound New York, we discovered a way to make Blueberry Pie more than just Blueberry Pie. When you first dig in through the crust, you’ll be amazed by the amount of blueberries inside.

Then you take your first bite! The sweet cookie dough crust delights, and a subtle blend of cinnamon, ground ginger, nutmeg, and allspice enhances the flavor of the fresh, plump blueberries. A heavenly experience you will want to repeat over and over again during the short season we offer this pie. We wish we could offer Blueberry Pie year round. Unfortunately blueberry season is short lived and we will only use the freshest, juiciest blueberries so we can only offer it for a few months a year.

This is another treat we don’t recommend sharing. It has nothing to do with size, it is more about how difficult it will be to stop yourself quickly enough to have anything left over for someone else to truly enjoy. If you want to share, buy two. You will be happier and so will your friend.

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Cookies! Cookies!

Cookies @ Black Hound New York on Flickr.

An exciting variety that will keep you from heavy chocolate chips and hearty peanut butters cookies. Unique flavors with opportunity to have a different delicious cookie each day of the week! Traditional Gingerbread to special Maplesnaps. Words don’t begin to explain if you can’t taste them as well!

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Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless Chocolate Cake

“Enjoying this deliciously rich flour less chocolate cake” photo by @cravetreatsny

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