Mouthwatering Macaroons: Back For a Limited Time!

Our mmmarvelous macaroons in the Black Hound New York test kitchen!

Our mmmarvelous macaroons in the Black Hound New York kitchen!

Coconut lovers, this is your chance!

From base to peak, our lightly toasted coconut almond macaroons are already a small mountain of flavor, but we like to think there’s more than one way to improve upon perfection. What’s your model macaroon? Let’s find out…

For those of you belonging to the “everything tastes better bittersweet” tribe, you can imagine how a dark coat of rich bittersweet chocolate works as a perfect complement to thick shreds of coconut and almond undertones, right? Exactly. Our Chocolate Coconut Macaroons are for you.

Like a kick of citrus? Ask for our Key Lime Macaroons – you’ll be amazed how a touch of lime zest can add such a light, refreshing layer of taste! And when they’re dipped and draped in creamy white chocolate? (Yes, we have those, too…) The oh-so island-inspired flavor medley is irresistible!

Our macaroon selection makes a limited appearance in our East Village retail store once a year, for Passover through Easter, so visit us soon! For a real treat, watch how we make them here:







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Cold Days Call For Comfort Desserts

banana2During winter’s cold and dreary days, we crave comfort food. And we want homespun, rich, and soothing desserts like banana cream pie. The Banana Cream Cup is the Black Hound New York twist on this classic comfort dessert. Instead of the traditional pie crust, we use an edible chocolate teacup. Beneath the dollops of whipped cream lie layers of vanilla pastry cream paired with sliced ripe bananas. The pastry cream is creamy and smooth with the perfect amount of sweetness. Ripe bananas showcase the complex flavor and natural sweetness of this simple fruit.

We make our Banana Cream Cup the old-fashioned, truly-from-scratch way in small batches with simple, pure ingredients. No instant pudding mix. No tubs of frozen or refrigerated “whipped cream”. No pre-purchased chocolate cups. We make our vanilla pastry cream by boiling heavy cream, eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract, then thickening it with cornstarch and egg yolks. Our whipped cream contains one simple ingredient: heavy cream. We beat the heavy cream until soft peaks form. To create the charming chocolate teacup, we melt bittersweet chocolate with a 60% minimum cocoa content and then mold it into its unique shape.

Unlike many of our other comfort desserts, the Banana Cream Cup is available in our East Village store only on weekends so be sure to stop by on a Saturday or Sunday for the special taste of banana and comfort.

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Add an elegant touch to your table

wedd ing

A spectacular creation that is sure to bring bliss to you and whomever you share this Black Hound New York dessert. First, you will notice plump fresh berries topping a woven bittersweet chocolate basket. Once you finally get the courage to break the basket, you will discover a trifle comprised of many flavors you might not have considered combining together. Layers of almond cake, vanilla pastry cream, whipped cream, raspberry preserves, and fermented raspberry sauce will keep your mouth watering between every luscious bite.

The Black Hound New York Chocolate Berry Basket is one of those “you can only imagine” kind of desserts. Different size baskets can serve parties from 10 to 100, making it perfect for celebrations of all sizes. It makes an elegant centerpiece for New Year’s Eve or any celebration where you want to add an elegant touch to the ambiance. It might not seem possible, but the Chocolate Berry Basket is better than it looks. You are not just serving dessert, you are serving oohs, aahs, and smiles.

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Black Hound New York has been voted 2012′s MOST AWESOME SWEETEST SWEETS SHOP in New York!

“Black Hound New York doesn’t just offer extraordinary cakes and confections; their goods are artful and flavorful combinations that satisfy every sweet tooth’s fantasy. If one cake is too much, there’s mini cakes, which are perfect for those who love variety, and for those who want to share the joy of Black Hound New
York, their gift baskets and towers are stunning to behold.”

Thanks to all of the Red Tricycle subscribers who voted for us.
We couldn’t have won without your support.


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A Lovely: Chocolate Peppermint Cake

Pepperment-CakeNothing says happy holidays like chocolate and peppermint. At Black Hound New York, we’ve baked up our own twist on this combination of flavors synonymous with the Christmas season.

We start with rich chocolate cake made from 100% pure butter and Callebaut chocolate (minimum 60% cocoa). We then add peppermint buttercream made with 100% pure butter and infused with a peppermint emulsion between the layers and on the outside. Chocolate “krispies” add a crunchy surprise to each bite. Chocolate cake crumbs around the base of the cake and a simple marzipan candy cane on top give a simple decorative touch.

This is another Black Hound New York cake which pairs perfectly with a glass of ice cold milk. Bite after bite, our Chocolate Peppermint Cake will you with holiday cheer.

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Thanksgiving = Rival Football!

Along with enjoying the meal and seeing family and friends, watching football is a very important Thanksgiving pastime and tradition for many people. This year will not be any different. DC vs. Dallas, Detroit vs. Houston, New England vs. NY Jets. These are sure to be exciting games, but the game experience is not complete without the right snacks!


Serve your football fans our Assorted Savories Box filled with Cheese Sticks, Cheese S’s, and Sesame Spirals.


And just think, after the box is empty, you can fill it with new things.


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Near, Far, Home

No matter where you are spending your Thanksgiving, you can still enjoy your favorite Black Hound New York treats. Ship them to your home, or even better … send them straight to your Thanksgiving destination! Transporting cakes and cookie boxes yourself can sometimes be tricky. Plans change, planes have carry-on restrictions, and cars rides can be bumpy. Or your treat might not make it to the end of the trip for more personal reasons — you might eat it on your way!

Black Hound New York has shipped nationwide for nearly 20 years. So save yourself from worry, have your treats meet you there!

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Stand tall, Stand together

Sunday, November 11th is Veterans Day. It is a day we recognize our armed forces, active or retired, who protect us and keep us safe.

We at Black Hound New York salute the brave men and women who serve our country. This Veterans Day, we hope that you also express your gratitude to the retired or active members of our military in your life.

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Turkey Day Treats at Black Hound New York


PUMPKIN PIE. Butternut squash, pumpkin, cinnamon and other spices in our special cookie dough crust.

6”[$15.00] 9” [$28.00]

APPLE PIE. Crunchy Granny Smith apples and spices in a cookie dough crust.

6”[$18.00] 9” [$28.00]

APPLE CRANBERRY PIE. Cortlandt apples, fresh cranberries, a hint of orange, and spices in a cookie dough crust.

6” [$20.00] 9” [$29.00]

APPLE GINGER TART. Granny Smith apples with fresh ginger in a cookie dough crust.

6”[$18.00] 9” [$28.00]

PEAR-APPLE-CRANBERRY PIE. Bartlett pears, Granny Smith apples, dried cranberries, a hint of anise, and spices in a lattice-top cookie dough crust.

6” [$20.00] 9” [$29.00]

PUMPKIN ROULADE. Pumpkin sponge cake filled with pumpkin mousse.

Single [$24.00, serves 8] Double [$48.00, serves 16]

PUMPKIN GINGER CAKE. Thin layers of gingerbread cake filled with pumpkin mousse, finished with spiced buttercream and toasted gingerbread cake crumbs, and decorated with a marzipan pumpkin.

6”[$30.00] 9” [$60.00]

PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE. Mascarpone cheese, cream cheese, butternut squash, pumpkin, and spices in a gingerbread cookie crust.

6” [$25.50] 9” [$40.00]

AUTUMN LEAF CAKE. Almond cake filled with poached pears and Bavarian cream, finished with white chocolate buttercream and honey roasted almond bits, and decorated with marzipan leaves.

6”[$30.00] 9” [$62.00]

MAPLE WALNUT CAKE. Walnut cake filled with maple buttercream, finished with maple buttercream and maple walnut “crunchies” around the sides, and decorated with marzipan leaves.

6”[$30.00] 9” [$60.00]

HARVEST CAKE.Three thin layers of gingerbread cake filled with poached apples, poached pears, and pastry cream, finished with spiced cream cheese and gingerbread cake crumbs, and decorated on top with a slice of dried pear and dried apple. 6”[$30.00] 9” [$60.00]

6” pies and tarts serve 4-6 ~ 9” pies and tarts serve 9-12 ~ 6” cakes serve 6-8 ~ 9” cakes serve 10-15

Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 22
Last Order Date: Sunday, November 18

Store Hours:
Wednesday, November 21: 10AM to 10PM
Closed Thanksgiving

To order for store pickup: 212.979.9505.
For hand delivery within Manhattan: 646.564.3555 or 800.344.4417. Delivery charge per recipient.

BLACK HOUND NEW YORK ~ 170 SECOND AVENUE ~ NEW YORK, NY 10003 ~ 212.979.9505

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Think Pumpkin

How can you have Thanksgiving without pumpkin? At Black Hound New York, we’re baking some delicious alternatives to the traditional pumpkin pie. Enjoy one of our unique spins on this classic seasonal flavor…and start a new pumpkin tradition this year.

Autumn Sampler #5
Enjoy a taste of Pumpkin Cheesecake Cheesecake and Pumpkin Ginger Cake in Autumn Cake Sampler #5. Most of our other Autumn Cake Samplers include at least one pumpkin dessert in addition to other seasonal flavors.


Pumpkin Ginger Cake
We love the balance between spicy gingerbread cake and delicate pumpkin mousse in our Pumpkin Ginger Cake.  It’s a light and luscious way to enjoy one of Fall’s quintessential flavors.


Pumpkin Cheesecake
Our New York store customers eagerly anticipate our Pumpkin Cheesecake each fall. This cheesecake is not your typical New York-style cheesecake. Mascarpone cheese is our secret ingredient, giving this seasonal favorite a lighter taste than a traditional New York-style cheesecake.

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