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What it means to be an artisan bakery

Walk into any grocery store, gourmet store, or bakery, and there’s a good chance you’ll see one or more products labeled as “artisan.” Using the word artisan to describe a product or company is a growing trend, but it’s causing consumers to lose track of the word’s original meaning. What it means to be an … Continue reading »

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Shipping Your Love Off to College

It’s that time of year again. Children across the country are heading off to college. Whether it’s the first year for the first child you’ve sent off to face the big, bright, new world, or the last year of the last child to leave the nest, their departure leaves a hole in your heart as … Continue reading »

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Best Online Cake Delivery: National Cheesecake Day Is Just Around The Corner

By definition, “a cheesecake is a sweet dish consisting primarily of a mixture of soft, fresh cheese, eggs, and sugar; often on a crust or base made from crushed cookies or graham crackers, pastry or sponge cake”.  Did you know athletes competing in the first Olympics ate a variation of this sweet delight?  Today, cheesecake … Continue reading »

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Convenient and thoughtful online cake delivery

There’s almost nothing like getting a delicious, skillfully prepared cake, and giving one is even better. However, busy schedules and long distances can make it hard to give your loved ones the tasty treats they deserve. At Black Hound New York, we understand and can help. With our online cake delivery, you can brighten anyone’s … Continue reading »

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Dive into Summer with Mail Order Strawberries and Cream Cakes

Few things say summer like strawberries. Who can forget all those strawberries with whipped cream eaten at summer picnics, or devouring a cone of fresh homemade strawberry ice cream on a hot summer day?  We think the best way to celebrate a summer birthday is with one of our delectable strawberries and cream mail order … Continue reading »

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Send a birthday cake when you can’t be there yourself

Families are splitting across borders, whether that’s state borders or international borders, now more than any other time in history. This can be especially painful for grandparents, who would love nothing more than to hang out with the grand-kids for a weekend. When those little ones have a birthday, it’s a time to celebrate and … Continue reading »

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Forget the Flowers, Send a Cake

Once a year we get the chance to officially celebrate our mothers. Mothers who have applied cold compresses and chicken soup to fevers, who have worked long hours to pay for our books and back to school clothes, who have given us the perfect cakes for our birthday parties. Even if mom is across the … Continue reading »

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Flourless Chocolate Cake

  Welcome to indulgence. Chocolate so rich it melts in your mouth, or in a cup of milk. But unlike many other cakes, everyone will be fighting for seconds and thirds. That’s because the primary ingredient is bittersweet chocolate–decadent but simple, pure and not heavy nor syrupy.   Our rich, flourless cake is enveloped in … Continue reading »

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A Lovely: Chocolate Peppermint Cake

Nothing says happy holidays like chocolate and peppermint. At Black Hound New York, we’ve baked up our own twist on this combination of flavors synonymous with the Christmas season. We start with rich chocolate cake made from 100% pure butter and Callebaut chocolate (minimum 60% cocoa). We then add peppermint buttercream made with 100% pure … Continue reading »

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Near, Far, Home

No matter where you are spending your Thanksgiving, you can still enjoy your favorite Black Hound New York treats. Ship them to your home, or even better … send them straight to your Thanksgiving destination! Transporting cakes and cookie boxes yourself can sometimes be tricky. Plans change, planes have carry-on restrictions, and cars rides can … Continue reading »

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