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Shipping Your Love Off to College

Posted by on August 21, 2013

It’s that time of year again. Children across the country are heading off to college. Whether it’s the first year for the first child you’ve sent off to face the big, bright, new world, or the last year of the last child to leave the nest, their departure leaves a hole in your heart as well as a silence in your home.

Checker Cake

Checker Cake

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to stay connected with children at college in this Internet age. While they probably would not appreciate a nightly phone call, and likely won’t respond as quickly as you’d like to your emails or texts, there is one sure way to get their attention and an energetic “thank you” in a timely fashion: ship them something sweet.

You see, that old adage that a way to someone’s heart is through their stomach certainly holds true with college students. A sweet gift is always a welcome break from the type of food they are likely to encounter in the college dining hall or coming out of their own apartment kitchen. Sending a cake or other sweet gifts  to your child has never been easier with our mail order cakes and gourmet food gifts. To make sure your child receives your gift of love while it’s still fresh, be sure to follow our shipping tips since students must usually pick up UPS (or FedEx) packages from a central mailroom on campus.

  • label

    We ship through UPS

    Contact the school for specific instructions on how to address a UPS (or FedEx) package. This is often different from how packages sent through the postal service are addressed.

  • Try to avoid Saturday delivery since many mailrooms are closed or do not accept package deliveries on weekends.
  • Let your child know the specific day that your gift is to arrive and urge him or her to go to the mailroom that day, even if the mailroom hasn’t yet sent their official notice of delivery.
Strawberry Daisy Cake

Strawberry Daisy Cake

So, what would you like to send your beloved son or daughter? Is there a birthday this fall, and you just can’t bear to miss the celebration? You can be there in spirit, and in the happy voices of your child’s new friends, when you send one of our scrumptious birthday cakes. If your son loves chocolate and vanilla, you can send our Checker Cake, a rich and sinful combination of both flavors with a bonus reminder of the racing games he spent watching at home with you. For your daughter who’s the cream of the crop, send her a Strawberries and Cream Daisy Cake, which shows your love in a subtle fashion with its single heart decoration and charming marzipan daisy flowers and is filled with fresh strawberries. There are literally dozens of delicious cakes to choose from, so browse our luscious cake selection for the one that’s right for your child.

Assorted Savories

Assorted Savories

4 Tin Tower

4 Tin Tower

If you’d prefer to send a surprise treat, send one of our gift baskets or gift towers, which offer a variety of treats to help fuel your child’s next all-nighter or provide encouragement as exams approach. If your child prefers savory treats to sweet, you can send a beribboned box filled with crunchy puff pastry snacks made with Swiss Gruyere cheese, extra sharp Vermont Cheddar cheese, and different spices.

Just because your son or daughter has left the nest doesn’t mean they‘ve left  your heart. Contact us today to send your love to them at college with the help of some loving and indulgent treats!

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