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Celebrate National Candy Month with a Sweet Gift Basket Delivery

Posted by on June 18, 2013

Did you know that June is National Candy Month? Now, you could celebrate by stopping at your local convenience store on your way home from work to grab a machine-made, wax-filled, generic chocolate bar, but why not celebrate with a gift basket delivery of a freshly-made tower of quality candies or a tasty basket of chocolate confections?

3 Tin Tower

3 Tin Tower

You see, we believe that quality ingredients and hand-crafted care will always create a superior product. For example, our Tin Tower holds a tasty trio of candies: hazelnut brittle, sugar spice pecans, and chocolate almond bark. We make our sugar spice pecans by tossing pecans with the whites of fresh farm eggs, then adding a mixture of sugar and spices and baking the pecans, which enhances the flavor of the nuts and spices as well as creating a sweet, crunchy coating. Our hazelnut brittle is made with the freshest heavy cream and butter, carefully mixed with cane sugar (no corn syrup used here) and fresh hazelnuts. That’s all. No unpronounceable ingredients here. Our third resident of this tasty tower is chocolate almond bark, also made only with ingredients that can be found in the pantry of any home kitchen: almonds and chocolate, sugar and honey, and a touch of real (not imitation) vanilla extract. All of these tasty treats are hand-packed, then hand-sealed in their distinctive tin containers using old-fashioned heated sealing wax.

Chocolate Creation Basket

Chocolate Creation Basket

If you truly love chocolate, we suggest that you order our Chocolate Creation Basket. Filled with a generous assortment of chocolate truffles (the original item created by Black Hound New York when we first started our business back in 1988) and chocolate covered nuts, this basket is a unique treat, hand crafted from bittersweet chocolate with the same care for quality as our truffles themselves. This tasty edible basket contains chocolate almond bark, chocolate hazelnut clusters (roasted hazelnuts and bittersweet chocolate) and our truffles, which are made with a spectrum of quality chocolates, from white (for which we use only real cocoa butter, unlike cheaper white chocolate “flavored” confections) to bittersweet, infused with a variety of premium liqueurs.

So is your mouth watering yet? We hope so! We also invite you to join us in celebrating National Candy Month by contacting us today by phone at 800.344.4417 or shopping to order one of our quality candy assortments.

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