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Gourmet Food Gift Delivery: The Perfect Gift for Dad

Posted by on June 10, 2013


Mr. Cake

Mr. Cake

As the years stretch on and dad gets older, it’s becoming harder and harder to get him a gift you think he’ll like. He’s hoarded most of what he’s ever wanted, and you’re definitely not going to buy him that Harley Davidson he’s been lusting for since he was a teen. We hate to admit it, but moms are easier to buy for because most of them have that perfume they love or specific scented candle they can’t live without. Dads, because of their simplicity, are more difficult. You don’t want to get him something that you know he won’t use. Why waste all that time on picking out a gift if it won’t be enjoyed, right?

German Chocolate Cake

German Chocolate Cake

There is one gift that never goes out of style: food.  But not just any food.  Food that has been cared for and known love during its preparation. This year is the perfect year to start a tradition of sending a gourmet food gift delivery from Black Hound New York. Instead of getting him that tired tie at the department store that was mass produced in a factory, why not send him an aptly titled cake, Mr. Cake?  Mr. Cake has everything he’ll love in a cake. Layers of delicate vanilla cake, scrumptious milk chocolate and honey ganache, rich vanilla pastry cream, and juicy red, fresh strawberries. Or if your dad is the sweet father with a sweet tooth, then our German Chocolate Cake is the right fit for him.


Sweet and Savory Box

Perhaps your dad is the indecisive type in which case our Sweet and Savory Gift Box would be the perfect fit. It contains an assortment of butter cookies (jam-filled sandwich cookies, hazelnut, chocolate, and gingerbread are among the flavors) and assorted savory snacks (cheese sticks, cheese crackers, and sesame spirals). There are so many mouthwatering treats to choose at Black Hound New York, you’ll find the right fit for dad.  Rest assured each ingredient that goes into a cake, cookie, or savory treat is carefully selected. We start and finish making our decadent gourmet food gifts in our Brooklyn kitchen and pack them with tender loving care.

Place an order today for your well-deserving dad by shopping or calling us at 800.344.4417.

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